Why should you apply for a visa through a professional?

Applying for a visa may look as an easy process.  Even if it is easier to apply, 95% of the results may not be positive or successful.  Hence that is why you need a professional to handle this.  Visa process can be quite complexed and if it is not dealt diligently and professionally the negative outcome may result in various of difficulties as follows.

  1. Visa refusals may result in extremely limited options to apply
  2. Reasons for refusal will be on record which may affect further applications
  3. Time and large amount of visa application fees spent will be a waste.

Why choose a migration agent and not a lawyer?

While quite a few lawyers do register as migration agents, less than 1 lawyer in every 800 lawyers is qualified in migration law. However, Migration Agents are qualified in migration law and have the knowledge of all the complexities of the law.  In order to become a qualified migration agent there is a rigorous examination process.

Why select a registered migration agent ?

Migration Agents are tightly regulated and supervised by the Office of the Migration Agents Authority (OMARA).  Illegal migration agents who operate in and outside Australia without registration cannot provide protection against insolvency or negligence and can be involved in cheating the funds paid by clients.  However, with registered migration agents it is a requirement to manage funds in an audited trust account.  Moreover, it is a requirement by OMARA to carry a professional indemnity insurance cover by Migration agents. Hence the clients are well protected.  Furthermore, registered migration agents do require undertaking professional continuing training in order to be updated of the rapidly changing migration law.   Registered Migration Agents are also required to abide by the Code of Conduct and preserve the confidentiality.  Please find the below link to the Code of Conduct and the consumer guide.